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MCG's Reg S Bond Financing Partner Program

An alternative source of financing mega projects.

The global financial crisis has resulted in stricter regulations on banks and their lending requirements which means that large to mega projects can no longer be funded by traditional debt alone. Other more innovative ways of funding need to be considered and implemented such as bond financing.

Advantages of Bond Funding

Bonds open up an alternative debt funding avenue to source financing for projects. Traditionally, deals have been financed through banks, however the implementation of Basel III regulations requires stricter monitoring and disclosures, ultimately leading to higher costs and higher capital requirements. These higher costs will be passed through to the project developers translating to diminished project IRR’s (internal rates of return). By accessing the institutional bond market, companies are potentially able to reduce the project funding cost. MCG has identified a Swiss Family Trust who specialize in this type of financing. MCG would refer a client to this Trust.

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